Through our coaching, Hon helped me to untangle some of the baggage that had been limiting me for years. He helped me explore with clarity who I was, what I wanted, and what I stood for. 

Most importantly through our coaching I was able to give myself permission to want what I want – without judgement or fear. His open style allowed me space to explore, and his directive style challenged me when I needed it. I have grown a great deal from his coaching, and I am extremely grateful for having shared this journey with him.



I’m a 21-year-old woman currently in my final year of university studying International Relations. At this moment I feel that there is a colossal amount of pressure on people my age to know what they want from life or to know where they would like to end up, and I’ve been no exception to this.

Although my ambitions and goals post-university have been evident for a long time, one of the main issues that I have been experiencing has been the ambiguity surrounding how I was going to get there. This lack of clarity was ultimately causing severe distress and worry for me as I had not yet ‘figured out’ what would be the first step to take once I had graduated. Fortunately, Hon has helped me focus on my short-term goals and helped me push aside any distractions within my life that were hindering my progress moving forward. He has also given me a list of suggestions and opportunities that are available for me to consider for the future.

Moreover, I’ve always struggled and failed to have the self-confidence to back up such aspirations and I’ve always felt that this has prevented me from taking important steps to reach my goals. Hon responded to this by having incredibly stimulating conversations, which, as a result, had me questioning my self-doubt.

I began to acknowledge that this lack of self-confidence was often irrational and placed emphasis on the importance of putting myself out there – even if I do get rejected. This has helped me tremendously with the process overcoming any issue with self-confidence or worth.

Going into the first session I was very sceptical on opening up to someone who was initially a stranger, however, this quickly diminished through Hon’s easy going and considerate personality. Through his thought-provoking approach, what he had to say resonated and now, whenever I feel myself getting distracted or feel that the pressure is becoming too much, I go back to the conversations we had along with practicing the coping mechanisms he has suggested.

I would 100% recommend Hon as a life coach. He has helped in a variety of ways and has allowed to me focus on what truly matters. Hence why I plan to continue my sessions with him in the New Year.



I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Hon. He held a supportive and kind space whilst challenging me when necessary. Through working with him, I was able to gain clarity on my goals and where I need to go as well as a noticeable increase in my self confidence and motivation. Would definitely recommend



Hon helped me to grow in multiple areas of my life.

During our six-week coaching sessions, I committed to myself to stop midnight snacking and I almost made it.MY habits changed and I eating significantly less junk food before sleeping.

Coach Hon also asked me to think about what I’m going to regret in my deathbed and I realized that it’s letting friendships fade away because of small excuses. So I reconnected with a friend whom I haven’t spoken with for three years. Our renewed friendship is exciting and at the same time revealing so much about who I am and my boundaries.

As a 36-year old woman, I am also at a point in life where I’m not sure if I can still dream of marriage and motherhood. Coach Hon’s perspective on this matter convinced me to be open to possibilities and put myself out there. Maybe I will succeed, or maybe I will fail. But at the end of the day, I will still grow as a person and still live life fully which means that I can’t really fail.

I would highly recommend Coach Hon to all people who feel disconnected with their life vision.  If you think that your heart’s desire is impossible so might as well give up now, talk first to Coach Hon. He can absolutely help you navigate what’s going on inside your head.

Hon’s ability to ask the right questions is phenomenal. He enabled me to dive deep into my limiting beliefs. As a result, my mental blocks have been removed and I am now now putting myself out there. I’ve grown as a person and living my life fully, so I can’t really fail.

After six weeks of coaching sessions, I am now able to fully embrace my life vision – marriage and motherhood – even if I have no idea HOW it’s going to happen. I really appreciate Coach Hon’s honest perspective and practical suggestions. Now I can lean back knowing that it’s still possible for me if I am willing to take action and make improvements.

I am so grateful and would highly recommend Coach Hon Yip.



I was looking to lose weight and reduce the amount of alcohol and cigarettes I consumed. In the past I had tried “health kicks” but I found that while I was able to change things short term, I wasn’t able to sustain this as part of normal life. I was looking to find a solution that I could embed in my day-to-day life.
Hon helped me understand how to eat at a more measured pace, while not drastically changing WHAT I ate. He introduced me to techniques that allowed me to appreciate every bite. With regards to alcohol and cigarettes, Hon helped me to simply be aware of how much I was drinking and smoking, and create techniques to reduce these amounts. These techniques were bespoke to me: Hon really understood the drivers for my drinking/smoking and came up with practical ideas to replace drinking/smoking with other pleasures in life. 
With regards to eating, I reduced my food portions by 30-50%. I couldn’t have imagined that I’d feel satisfied with so much less. As a result I noticeably reduced my weight, and felt so good fitting into my old clothes. A surprising result was that by taking more time eating I felt a dramatic increase in my well-being. With regards to drinking and smoking, I have decreased the amount to a much lower level. On all of these Hon has given me tools and techniques which will stay with me for life.
Hon tailored his approach for what fit with me. At times it was a bit confronting or difficult to break down exactly what was triggering my behaviour. But through doing this he was able to propose ideas and techniques that really worked for me. Hon’s approach was filled with kindness – not just to me, but teaching me to be kind to myself; I can be really hard on myself but you he taught me that it’s okay to fail, or to take a moment to celebrate success, before getting back on with the work. I think you brought a real sense of fun. Something like this can be hard going but Hon was able to temper the serious moments with some fun which made all the difference. Finally I really appreciated that he never judged me. Hon jumped on board with my goals and from the moment we passed go I felt that we were working together to achieve them – regardless of his own personal views on them!
I’d have no hesitation in recommending Hon. His personal, kind, fun and easy-going yet firm approach immediately made me feel at ease. The proof is in the pudding, and even after 6 weeks of holiday I’m still using his techniques – Hon changed my habits which is a very difficult thing to do! 
Thank you so much for changing my life for the better, for good!