I Wish That I was Born White, So My Life Would Be Easier.

Someone recently said to me, “I sometimes wish that I’d have been born white, so that my life would be easier”. 

First of all, this post is not about race nor any cultural or societal issues that are covered very well by others. It’s certainly a topic that shouldn’t be ignored. 

Knowing what I know about this young impressionable individual, it’s less about what was wished for, but more about attitude. When asked what “success” is, the majority of answers given by people relate to the theme of ‘attitude’. 


1. Be careful what you wish for. What you believe might solve one problem could bring along a host of others and you might want to change it all back. Also consider what you would miss or compromise against the gains and wins in the long run, when making any life changing decision. 

2. Be clear on whether you’re avoiding the problem, or simply trying to run away from it. Life is full of challenges. 

3. There is no living if there are no problems. It’s in our nature to solve problems and that’s what the best minds and individuals do. Rather than run away or be put down by a problem, think about how you’re going to do solve it – not just for yourself, but for others too. 


If you’re happy just being “comfortable” and problem-free, then that’s okay but is that really living?

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