Embracing LOCKDOWN and How To Get Through Uncertainty

Getting through lockdown isn’t easy. It’s the time when you have to stay cooped indoors for a prolonged period of time. You never know when it will be over or if it will ever be over. Usually, it’s not the length of the lockdown that bothers me but the uncertainty – or lack of routine. This is why having an occupied mind can sometimes help, and even though “prison” isn’t fun — sometimes you make your own fun and ignore lockdown as much as possible.


Here’s a few tips on how you can embrace lockdown and come out of the other side of it better than anyone else.


1.    Get into a routine. Or develop a new one – it’s one of the biggest things that becomes disrupted due to lockdown. Sure, we’ll get a few extra winks or a later bed time but it doesn’t mean we should be firefighting or making choices based on how we feel all of the time. Believe me, if you’re not coping through lockdown then nothing will get done and you’ll just be miserable throughout. When it’s all over, you’ll be the on coming out of it feeling rather sore.


2.    Stop reading/watching the news. Seriously. This is a biggie and it’s one of the major causes of stress and anxiety. You are what you eat, and you are what you read. There’s a lot of negative news right now especially with the pandemic and political landscape with constant messages being thrust into our faces. You can’t control what you have no power over. Reduce your anxiety by actively avoiding the news and control what you can – and that’s you.


3.    Kids. If you have children, then getting into a routine (see above) is vital, especially if you still have the privilege of working from home. Expectations need be to set to minimise the chances of them running riot around the house whilst you’re trying to get into the zone, or concentrating on that Zoom call. A simple whiteboard to set out their routine in the kitchen (they’ll be looking for snacks so they’ll see the board a lot!) will work wonders. Don’t forget that you may not be able to police them 24/7 so relax the rules a bit. They’re suffering as much as us so give in to the extra 30-minutes of screen time or Fortnite, whilst maintaining expectations and consistency. Interact with them too and make up some fun games together!


4.     Circulate the home. This may sound superficial but opening a few windows helps to displace stagnant air, especially if it’s getting colder when we’re rather reluctant to let draft in. Breathing in the same air means you’re breathing in whatever nasty bugs might be around. Not to mention that it’s going to feel stuffy – you’re already in lockdown so why suffocate yourself even more? A small sliver from your windows makes a whole world of difference. Worried about energy costs? Let’s put this into perspective, the savings we make working from home will offset the extra you’ll pay on heating.


5.    Treat yourself. Give yourself permission to indulge a little. Gives the kids a little more screen time to keep them occupied whilst you lean back into a nice hot bath with epsom salts. Get a nice cake, it doesn’t have to be a special occasion. Anges de Sucre has been a lifeline for my partner and I! The Matcha Oreo cake is heavenly.


Whatever you decide to do during this lockdown, remember that you can only control what you can. Forget about the things that you can’t otherwise you’ll just spiral down into bad thoughts. We’re all in this together and you will do amazing well if you start to follow my tips.

Sending out big love and encouragement to you!

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