Weve all been there before. A phone call with your mum, lunch with a friend, catching up with a sibling and youre dreading it. Because interacting with them results in being subjected to negativity, disagreements and making you feeling utterly rubbish.

What if I told you I could help you to avoid that repetitive feeling of anger and frustration? I want to share with you my ‘Customer Barring’ technique.

Imagine that you are the owner of a private club. Members must obey and respect your rules before they are allowed in. Break them, and you bar them from entering. The same goes for said individuals who want to bring their negativity in with them.

Here’s the steps on how to start your ‘Customer Barring’: –


1. Set your boundaries (your club rules) and make them very clear.

2. If they respect them, then you entertain them.

3. Otherwise, politely bar them.

4. Repetition is key; once they get the message, theyll start obeying the rules.


What boundaries have you set to keep your well-being in check? Maybe youve been barred yourself and want to reconnect?

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